We Provides a range of elevated Performance Dedicated server hosting tactics to meet your requirements, from dual core servers to dual quad core xeons, we’ve dedicated server solution for you & also provide VoIP Soft switch including all futures. In case you’re looking to setup your VOIP Company under your own brand name, then Our Networks is right place for you. We supply whole result to launch VOIP Company.
VoIP Soft switch Features such as:

  • PC2Phone,
  • Device2Phone,
  • Callback,
  • Calling Card,
  • Any Callback solution,
  • SMS callback solution,
  • DID callback solution,
  • Pin Callback,
  • Cli Callback,
  • Online Billing,
  • Unlimited Resellers Creating,
  • Wholesale Termination,
  • Protocol H323 and SIP.
  • All codec support G729,
  • Online shop,
  • Invoice generator,
  • G711, G723, GSM.

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